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(edit) @173   6 years guyru Add sqlite to source package so no external dependency is needed
(edit) @172   6 years guyru readjust the columns' width in the HighscoresDialog?, set keyboard shortcut
(edit) @171   6 years guyru fix the "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)" error …
(edit) @170   6 years guyru code cleanup
(edit) @169   6 years guyru remove the initial work on dice themes support
(edit) @168   6 years guyru save last highscore name
(edit) @167   6 years guyru - Add "Clear", "Configure" buttons to Highscores Dialog, add ability to …
(edit) @166   6 years guyru remove the code of the HighScoreTableDB
(edit) @165   6 years guyru new highscore dialog
(edit) @164   6 years guyru remove dependency on SettingsDB
(edit) @163   6 years guyru remove old settings dialog and switch to new one
(edit) @162   6 years guyru add the wxwidgets autoconf macros to the package
(edit) @161   6 years guyru get const pointer to the highscorelist inside Configuration
(edit) @160   6 years guyru submit and check highscore
(edit) @159   6 years guyru - Import settings and highscores to new configuration class. - Fix …
(edit) @158   6 years guyru - Put all of configuration.h into namespace. - save method for …
(edit) @157   6 years guyru configuration - initial work, parsing settings and highscore
(edit) @156   6 years guyru rename configuration file from .OpenYahtzee? to .openyahtzee
(edit) @155   6 years guyru add upper-section bonus immediately when reaching 63 points
(edit) @154   6 years guyru display the number of rolls left on the roll button
(edit) @153   6 years guyru reorganize
(edit) @152   6 years guyru add a check for wxwidgets to the
(edit) @151   7 years guyru use standard identifiers for the new game and undo menu items
(edit) @150   7 years guyru improve the design of the dice theme handling classes
(edit) @149   7 years guyru improved
(edit) @148   7 years guyru updates to and some small fixes
(edit) @141   7 years guyru use the built in wxImage::ConvertToGreyscale? instead of custom one
(edit) @140   7 years guyru Use wxLaunchDefaultBrowser directly without the hack for KDE users
(edit) @139   7 years guyru fixed the segmentation fault on exit (bug #1841853)
(edit) @138   7 years guyru updated urls and removed urls setting from database (unneeded for now)
(edit) @137   7 years guyru added theme dialog
(edit) @136   7 years guyru improved and fixed the automake filse so it will be able to create a dist …
(edit) @135   7 years guyru updated autotools configuration to install desktop file
(copy) @134   7 years guyru new repository layout - step 3
copied from OpenYahtzee:
(copy) @132   7 years guyru new repository layout - step 1
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