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new dice design

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6Open Yahtzee 1.7:
8- New dice graphics.
9- Dice rolling animation.
10- Fixed bug #1634542 (undoing of scoring that involves Yahtzee Bonus).
11- Fixed minor misalignment in the UI.
12- Code refactoring and cleanup.
13- Redesigned the Settings Dialog.
14- The main window of the game is now unresizable (fixed size).
15- Disabled the ability to undo the last move of the game (this allowed people
16  to re-enter their score to the high score table over and over again).
17- Implemented the Yahtzee Joker scoring rules.
18- Added accelerator key for the Undo button (CTRL+Z).
19- Added ability to send comments to the developer (via the Open Yahtzee website).
20- Calculates the sub-total score after every score (can be disabled).
22Open Yahtzee 1.6:
24-Added an undo button.
25-Improved Windows portability.
26-New icons for the program.
27-Ability to check for updates via the web.
28-Added database initialization, so when the game doesn't find the data
29 it needs in the database it just goes back to default values.
30-Code refactoring and some code cleanup.
31-fixed some typos in one of the high-score related dialogs.
33This changelog was started only during the development of Open Yahtzee 1.6
34so if you are interested in the changelog of older versions, take a look
35at the CVS log or the changelog attached to the file releases at
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